Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect in regards to Shipping? 

All ClayTubes are shipped from Michigan, USA. We aim to ship orders within 1-3 business days.

Shipping Method can be chosen by the customer. Tracking information will be provided after the order ships. If the package or any of the items arrive damaged please contact us.


Do you ship internationally?

International orders are accepted. For international orders, tracking is limited once it leaves the US. If the packages are lost internationally, refunds can not be issued until the claim is resolved.  If you add items to your cart and proceed to checkout it will give you the shipping costs prior to committing to order and payment.

Is the clay safe and will it stain?

The clay is non toxic and natural. It does have a natural iron in it which could stain fabrics and the like, but in most cases it washes right away with normal detergents.

How soon should I get my mug kiln-fired after it is made and glazed?

After all the glaze is used and has dried, the mug is complete and can begin the drying process.  There is no time to long but if you are excited to use it, it needs to dry completely before being fired, which takes about 2-3 days under average humidity.  It is best to bring it to the location of firing while the clay still has moisture in it which makes it more durable during transportation.  

CAUTION: The mug is very fragile when it is completely dry, especially the handle, so use caution and never pick it up by the handle until it is fired in a kiln.  

What if the handle breaks off before firing? Can it be fixed?

Unfortunately not. This is common, but a real problem with making things with clay.  You will need to remake the mug with fresh, wet clay. Although, once fired, it will last for a very long time and will be very durable.

What is the firing temperature of the clay?

The clay has a max temperature firing of Cone 01. We recommend firing it to Cone 04 for the best results. It is low fire clay so it can melt if it is fired too hot. The mug will not be sealed properly if it is under-fired. Seek an experienced person to do the firing for you.

Where do I go to get my mug fired?

We recommend using the Kiln-Finding Map to locate a local pottery or ceramic shop in your area. The map is open source so make sure you check with the shop to see if they are offering a kiln firing service.

You may also check with local artists, studios, local schools or teaching centers to see if they offer this service. In the majority of cases, you should expect to pay around $5 to have your mug fired.

WARNING: You could cause harm to your mug or appliance if you try to fire the clay in a home oven, microwave, or any other kitchen cooking appliance.  The clay needs to reach 1800 degrees for the clay and glaze to be sealed.

Is my mug food safe or is it just decorative?

Once your mug has been fired in a kiln to the proper temperature, your mug will be food-safe and ready to fill with your favorite beverage, and washed in a dishwasher. Your new mug will also function great as a decorative piece in your home.

How do I get my mug featured on your social media page?

Follow, Like, and Share to our pages on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Pinterest with @claytubes or #claytubes for us to easily re-post your awesomeness. We love sharing.

What do I do with the leftover material?

Leftover clay is non toxic and natural. It can be returned to the earth by your preferred method of disposal.

Things that can be recycled:

  • Instruction guide
  • Firing instructions

And after a little bit of washing...

  • Glaze tubes
  • Plastic Clay Bag

Things that can be reused after cleaning:

  • ClayTubes
  • Plastic End Caps
  • Guide Sticks
  • Canvas
  • Smoothing Tool
  • Rolling Pin
  • Brush
  • Texture Strip
  • Wooden Knife

Is there a group or teacher pricing?

Yes. We offer larger quantity bulk boxes at a discounted price:

Can I buy more clay or glazes?

Yes. We offer a Clay & Glaze 2-Pack: