Our Promise


The world is constantly changing, and humans are constantly innovating. The cost of this human advancement is unnecessary harm to our surrounding environment. In response, sustainable business practices have become increasingly important each day. This is why we established our Sustainability Promise

“ClayTubes promises to use environmentally friendly products, from the shipping tube you receive at your door to the clay you use to make your mug”.

ClayTubes uses recycled paper products, natural red clay, natural canvas, and non-hazardous glaze to offset our carbon footprint, and yours! Now partnered with Cloverly, we give you the opportunity to reduce your carbon footprint and help us in our mission to remain a sustainable business.

About ClayTubes

Our hope is to develop ClayTube Kits that are engaging and environmentally friendly.  Every item and tool that we select to go into the kits have been carefully chosen to bring you the best option, we feel possible.  Each of these items is either reusable or recyclable.  Hopefully in the future we will have many more options for you.  Thanks so much for your support and interest.